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Strip-club advice

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by gaijindesu, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. dreams

    dreams TAG Member

    "Pure" (Just for your eyes) strip theaters: TS Music and DX kabuchiko, both in kabuchiko. Gaijin friendly.
    New Hopt point: You may have problem getting in if you don't speak basic japanese.
    To my opinion, not worht the money: 2 girls strip behing a glass for 5 minutes each. One of themn comes to your nooth for either CBJ or HJ.And you can touch her breats. Total cost: 6000 Y, for entry (2000), BJ (3000) and touch (1000).
    You are better off getting a 30 min session at Hinomaru for 4000, where you get a full BBj with CIM fron a fully naked girl that yu can touch finger etc.. My opinion....
  2. meiji

    meiji TAG Moderator

    Yup. It really depends on what you are looking for. The general rule that I've seen from my experience and research is that the NHP girls are younger and better looking, but places like Hinomaru have a more expansive "menu", although in most cases the girls are older/uglier/bad technique.

    Both places aren't exactly great environments for service. I'd much rather pay extra for a deriheru, even if its with a Korean or Thai girl.

    I didn't really see much of a difference in the language level requirements. NHP, you just go to the right floor, point at the girl you want, pay the entry fee, give them your keitai, tell the girl what service you want, and enjoy. Yes, Hinomaru is slightly less begrudging of your patronage, and they have an MC that speaks a little English, but knowing the rules before hand is still super-helpful.
  3. Lamron

    Lamron TAG Member

    Thanks meiji, A lot of info to sort through, thank god I'm bringing my laptop, so I have this with me when I need it.
  4. dreams

    dreams TAG Member

    Hinomaru: they want gaijins, the guy at the bottom of the stairs, actually tries to get you in.
    NHP: I have read, maybe not on this forum, can;'t rememeber, about a guy saying that he was not accepted because he could not answer the first question from the papa-san.
    And everytimeI have been, I have been asked, in japanese, if i could speak. It is true that mumbling a few words as an answer was good enough to be accepted.
    So if you don't speak japanese, at least answer " wakarimasu" to anything is said to you, and you may be allowed to stay.
    True, the girls there are hotter, but frankly, their service is terribly mechanical.
  5. Lorddisick

    Lorddisick TAG Member

    They don't do this in a private room though ?
    Other clients are around?
  6. dreams

    dreams TAG Member

    Yes, other clients are around, each of you in your own booth. One can see the head of the guy in front, and hear his grunting .If you stand up you can see more. But that would be badly considered.. if you are shy, that is not a place for you.
  7. Chuck Farley

    Chuck Farley TAG Member

    Going to be in Roppongi and Shinjuku for a few nights. Any good strip clubs that allow touching?
    Last time in Kabukicho the only people who talked to me were Nigerian.
    Not looking to have sex just want to see and squeeze some tits.
  8. dreams

    dreams TAG Member

    Used to be some possibilities in Kabuchiko, but seems that, now, touching and audince participation is forbidden.
    You can, though, check the DX kabuchiko website. They have some special shows, where you can interact with the girls. But do not expect much in terms of intimacy...
    Good old days when you could actually not only squeeze some tits, but also deep finger the performer , and even get a Bj from the performers have gone...
  9. Wwanderer

    Wwanderer TAG Member

    The Western style strip clubs in Roppongi (the famous 7th Heaven, The Office, Tantra...some others I forget) still allowed plenty of touching during "private dances" quite recently. How much depends a lot on the dancer and on how many dances you purchase (at JPY7000 per song...not cheap!).

    New laws have made the stage shows *extremely* tame, however.